What we offer you, the Surgery Scheduler:

  1. A commitment to making your job as easy as possible.
  2. Block time assignments which enable your surgeon to efficiently utilize his/her time.
  3. We will facilitate your scheduling of Out Of Network Cases.

What we offer your Patients:

  1. A comfortable and personal non-hospital environment for your patients with experienced, compassionate staff from the community.
  2. Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Surgeons.
  3. Easy access from anywhere in the Inland Empire.
  4. A Business Office and Billing Service that will strive to make every patient happy.

What we offer your Surgeon:

  1. An efficient operating room with short turnovers, restoring time and control to your surgeon.
  2. A physician owned and directed system; assuring that your surgeon's needs will be a number one priority and that any requests will be acted upon immediately.